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Baby #3 oh my!

Baby number 3 aka Qasim, Ka-Sum (currently screaming in my face brb) ok he’s content.. beautiful baby boy, born Jan 13 which makes him currently 11 months to. the. day. He’s still nursing and eats 3 solid food meals a day. I would really like to ween him but I just can’t imagine denying him the boob if he was to ask for it but I mean really for all I know he may ween just fine because to be perfectly honest.. I’ve never even tried lol.

Labor and Delivery oh. my. G. this boy came barging out like it was nobodies business.. at 37 weeks. 36 weeks and 6 days I begged the Dr. to check my cervix and I was 3cm dilated. Went home and took castor oil that night… The next morning I wake up with some pretty legit contractions. I mean they hurt and they pretty consistent. I walked around the track… I took a nap… mothered my other children per usual and now its like 6pm and I’m mad because I’ve been having these contractions that are becoming inconsistent and are fading away all day and it seemed like it was all going away… then 10pm came along. I’m putting my 18 month old to sleep and I’m awaken by what feels like a jolt of lightening through my body.. I’m excited but for what ever reason my slow self still didn’t think to go into the hospital. So I’m sitting there watching “Surviving R Kelly” and I’m like I bet if I just go to the bathroom or take a shower these contractions will just go away and my husband says… go to the bathroom. So I’m up there just having contraction after contraction and involuntarily pushing and pushing and it clicks… I should probably go to the hospital (duh) but at this point its like unbearable. I get to the hospital and was crying and screaming for an epidural lol but the jokes on me because up until the last 5 mins of labor… I actually believed I’d be able to get one even tho I was 9cm dilated!!! It took the midwife to tell me I might as well just break my water and push him out to end the pain and even then I didn’t want to do it. I just could not fathom the thought of a natural birth even tho at that point I had basically already had one lol… but anyway, she tells me she wants to check me and when she does, she can’t even put half of her finger in there because he was right there… so I told her she could break my water and literally one push for the head and another for the shoulders and he was out. He was born at 12:15am but had I not been acting dumb trying to hold him in for the sake of an epidural I probably would’ve had him closer to when I checked in at 11pm.

This taught me that whether you’re ready or not, you’re body will have a baby without your help or consent or even knowledge because even tho I thought I was in control and “holding it in” I really wasn’t doing jack and he was going to come whether I was ready or not.





Muslimah Mommy

Life Update… again.

“My name is Sakinah.. I’m a revert in my 20’s, as well as a wife and mommy of one, soon to be two, little boys! Look forward to posts about life.. love.. fashion.. and all that in between!”

Lol. Wow it has been a while and boy things have CHANGED. For the good, no worries. Lets start from the top.. I’m ALMOST 30!! Still happily married to what I believe to be my soulmate and I’ve gone from “one soon to be two,” to THREE little boys… and that says a lot for itself really. I’m a full blown veteran sahm, all the Facebook memes apply. I meal plan and watch all the grocery hauls and get all the good tips from Youtube moms like I’m really doing this thing guys. This is the second time I’m attempting to pick up this blogging thing but I am waaaaaay more stable and secure in my situation than I was in the past so maybe (Inshallah,) I can stick to it this time and actually make something of this.

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My worthless opinion OF –

The Acai Bowl!!

Yesssss! I finally got to try one.. am I a fan? Not as much as I thought I would be. I just saw this trendy food item and was drawn to it by its popularity and I fiend for it long enough.

Finally today, I had the opportunity to go to Jamba Juice and order it for myself and my Nasi.

It was ok, but I don’t like honey or Bananas, both of which were heavy right on top of the thing even tho I asked for half the serving of Bananas to be replaced with Strawberries. Over all it was yummy and since I’m trying to gain weight, I loved that it was 460 calories from pure fruit and natural sweeteners.

It was a little under $8 which is typical for Jamba Juice. I wouldn’t of paid over $10 for it but I do think they should offer a smaller size for a little less because me and my son couldn’t finish it.

If I was to purchase it again I would say no banana, extra strawberries, half the granola and extra coconut… mm my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Muslimah Mommy

The time is near

The best time of year is about 4 weeks away.. The holy month of Ramadan.

I am so excited for yet another opportunity to again grow closer to Allah and really focus on myself and use this time to reflect on how I can be a better Muslim, wife and mother.

Last year I was pregnant and I didn’t fast.

This year, I’m really looking forward to making true intentions and following through strong. Inshallah

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About a year later..

Oops! Time flys doesn’t it. It’s been a year since I posted last on this blog that I was supposedly going to take seriously. Not only does time fly but it changes things emensly. Since my last post about the struggle a year ago, my struggle has changed and changed again. #change #timeflies

That baby boy I was talking about being pregnant with, is now 9 months and boy is he the most precious little thing Alhamdulillah. He is very advanced, he says two words (Hi and Dada). He can stand on his own and walk with help. He is working on his 4th and 5th tooth, like seriously the kid has no intentions on just being a baby. Him and his almost 3 year old brother definitely give me a run for my money in every way possible. #boymom

I have so much to talk and vent about but it’s just figuring out what I want to expose and what I want to keep private. Things are very hard for me to speak about because the way my anxiety is set up, telling a story I might as well be living the experience all over again. Typically when you have an unpleasant experience you don’t want to revisit that and/or have to explain or defend yourself to the less understanding.


Being a wife and a mother is not easy. I always said this was what I wanted in life was just to be a mother and a wife. But “JUST” shouldn’t be put before the terms mother or wife. Being a mother is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced emotionally mentally and hell in the beginning even physically.

I’ve been tested in ways I never thought I would be strong enough to survive. But I did and continue to survive with the help of Allah SWA every day. & I hope to be comfortable enough to share one day.

I could ramble and jump from subject to subject but I hope to become more consistent in this and with that, details and order will come Inshallah.






The Struggle…

The struggle of being 6 months pregnant, as summer approaches, while trying to dress appropriately but still “cute”. Everything makes me look like the house I am lbs… (laughing but serious) I could literally complain aaall day but I try to not be so negative.. instead grateful, that my baby is healthy and growing. Just keeping in mind that everyday I’m a day closer to meeting his cute little face, Alhamdulillah.